What we do

Foundley facilitates the initiation of professional, productive relationships

between students and companies. 


Our platform enables students to acquire relevant work experience with

some of the most exciting companies and startups in the market.

Furthermore, the platform will enable companies to engage students

on various projects and crowd-source ideas.

This way companies will be able to develop relationships with students

and build up their future talent pool.


Reshaping the Journey from Education to Employment

How It Works
For students

Create a Foundley account and fill

in profile details

Start working on a company project

Deliver a completed company project before the deadline

Receive feedback and a reward from the company

Include your new experience in the CV and Linkedin profile

For businesses

Create a Foundley account and fill

in company details

Create and post projects for students

Evaluate students' work and give feedback

Reward successful students


What does a project consist of?

Foundley hosts different projects across several industries. They are micro-projects that last between 2 weeks and 2 months and the posting company specifies the requirements, evaluation criteria, deadline date and rewards.

Can I get paid for the projects I deliver?

At the moment we don't support paid projects and we focus on the experience students can earn by attending and working on real-life tasks. However all the projects have some kind of prizes and rewards and, in the near future, we will start onboarding paid tasks.

Is Foundley for PhD students or Graduate students too?

Foundley is for anyone who wants to earn relevant work experience expendable for job interviews and career. There is no limitiation in who can register and use Foundley: we are happy to help anyone who is willing to get hands dirty by delivering high quality and serious projects.

What happens if I can't deliver a project?

There is no contract or official commitment with the companies that work with Foundley. If you are busy or you don't have time to finish a task, no problem!

How is the work experience I accumulate on Foundley going to be useful for my career?

We store all the work that the students deliver through the platform and we make it visible to the companies that belong to our network. Furthermore we believe that the strongest point is that students start getting used to job life before actually being hired by a company and so they can make more wise decisions on what they like and what they don't.

What if I don't find anything suitable for my interests?

We are constantly looking to expand our platform with more and more projects coming from different industries: if you don't find anything of your interest, you can let us know with the form in the Projects page (you need to register and login to send us your request) and we will immediately get activated to find companies and projects that suit your interests.

Does Foundley offer opportunities to work with the on-boarded companies full time?

This is totally up to the companies and they may decide to offer job opportunities or not. Of course, if you show them strong skills and interest while working on the projects they have posted, you will have a higher chance of letting them being impressed and considering you for further collaborations.

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