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Business Planning

Description of the task:

Tenderly is a champion blockchain, Ethereum based platform that does real-time monitoring, altering, and troubleshooting for Smart Contracts. Using Tenderly vastly speeds up the process of Smart Contract development. To find out more please visit our website (https://tenderly.dev).

We are at the stage where our main goal is to expand our customer base, hence the project in hand is to analyse and present at least 15 blockchain/Ethereum based companies that could be our potential client profile. The ideal client profile would be a high growth Ethereum based company that employs more than 5 software engineers and that has raised its first round of funding.

In the next section you will find all project specs needed.

Requirements and Rules:

1. Find 15 or more Ethereum based companies that are in a high growth stage.
2. Short description of what the company does
3. Outline the type of the company: development agency, startup, established business, research centre, audit firm, etc.
4. Identify key decision makers within the organisation, both from the business and the technical side:
- list their name, position, Linkedin profile and emails/phone numbers
5. Think about the strategy on how you would approach the company, what do you think would be better - email, Linkedin, phone call, instagram, etc...

Tip: Excel spreadsheet or equivalent is probably best to present and structure your findings. However, we are open to receiving other, better format deliveries.

Evaluation Criteria:

We value:
1. Well structured
2. Concise
3. Well presented

Prizes and Rewards:

- If you do well in the task - meaning - give us a well structured paper on company profiles with all the required data inputs. You should expect:
1. Semi-Personalised Feedback
2. Linkedin recommendation

- If you perform superbly - meaning - you go beyond what is asked of you and put some thought into broader sales strategy and who/why we should approach given companies.
1. Personalised Feedback
2. Linkedin recommendation
3. Recommendation letter, if/when you need it for a job
4. Interview for our remote spring intern role

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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