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Market Research

Brydg Exchange

Market Research

Description of the task:

Brydg Exchange is the first online marketplace for asset-backed bridging loans, connecting institutional investors - lenders (i.e. family offices, high net worth individuals) with brokers representing borrowers (see company website

In this project you are required to help us define our business development strategy by identifying who are the largest family offices based in London and how can we approach them. What type of events, conferences, galas, etc do family offices usually attend, etc.

To check what family offices are:

And bear in mind that there are over 4000 family offices only in Mayfair, London.

Requirements and Rules:

1. Research and create a list of top 20 family offices based in London, the list should include:
a) The name of the family office
b) Description of the family behind it (i.e. how have they acquired their wealth, inheritance, business, etc.)
c) What is their AUM*
d) Executives running the family office: Name, Linkedin profile, email address
e) Office address

2. Research and create a list of at least 10 relevant** events taking place in London, the list should include:
a) Name of the event
b) Description of the event
c) Brief on important participants, and total number of participants
d) Time, date and location of the event

*AUM - assets under management - in plain English - how much money they manage
**Relevant - related to bridge financing, private debt, property financing, investing on behalf of family offices, property tech, real estate tech, family offices meetings, etc...

Note: if some information/data is unavailable do not worry too much, we understand that some things (although rarely) cannot be found on the web...

Tip: The fact that you are a student opens you a lot of doors when it comes to reaching out to people and talking to them, use that resource wisely.

Evaluation Criteria:

With Analyst / Associate like tasks, there are 2 most important quality indicators:
1. The quality of content of the research / analysis done.
2. The structure and the clearness of the presentation of the content.

Hence, content and presentation will be two main evaluation criteria.

Suggestion: Probably easiest to present it in an excel table format, however, please feel free to be creative - we are more than happy to accept other formats.

Prizes and Rewards:

If you complete the task well, and on time, you should expect to:
1. Get personalised feedback from us.

If you complete the task amazingly, you should expect to:
1. Get personalised feedback from us.
2. Get the opportunity to interview for our 4 weeks long summer internship program.

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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