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Business Planning


Business Planning

Description of the task:

This is a unique opportunity for Foundley students to get exposure to and work directly with one of the Europe's most successful entrepreneurs, Lav Odorovic.

In May 2016, Lav founded Penta (https://getpenta.com/en/) the most successful online business bank in Central Europe. Over the course of 3 years as Penta's CEO, Lav raised more than 20 million Euros in funding and grew his team to 200 employees. Lav left Penta in April 2019, when the company was acquired by Finleap.

Lav has founded a new fintech, online business bank, in Switzerland and is in early stages of development. You guys will have a unique opportunity to work on exciting tasks for Lowen, while directly reporting to Lav.

This project will last for 4 weeks and you are required to invest minimum of 8 hours per week. You will be engaged in various research, strategy and business development tasks. (If you want to learn more about the type of tasks that you will be doing please write to us on hello@foundley.com)

There are 3 places available.

Once you apply you will be invited for a quick 15 minutes online interview and you will be required to send in your CV.

Don't miss out on this crazy opportunity, it will be an invaluable experience for you, and an awesome reference!!

Requirements and Rules:

1. Be in a position to spend at lease 8 hours a week working on Lowen's tasks.
2. Be interested in Finance, Technology, Business Transformation and of course Fintech!
3. Have attention to detail and aptitude for research.
4. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs

Evaluation Criteria:

After the end of this project, the founder will give you an overall feedback based on your performance.
Feedback will definitely cover following areas:
1. Communication skills
2. Presentation skills
3. Enthusiasm, drive, effort

Prizes and Rewards:

Experience such as this one is already an invaluable prize, however, depending on your performance and the report that you develop with the founder, you can get:
1. Linkedin recommendation
2. Reference letter
3. 15 minutes 1 on 1 career orientation with the Founder
4. CV clinic from Foundley
5. Conversion to full time summer internship

Deadline Date:

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