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Market Research


Market Research

Description of the task:

Research and compose a list of the best influencers to reach out to. So, influencers that mostly post things related to travel or even camping. A list of 200 people would be ideal. Not only the top influencers but influencers with a different follower basis. So some from the 1 mil+ range (10-30%), 100,000+ (50-70%) and 10,000-100,000 (10-30%).

Requirements and Rules:

Enter the following parameters for each of the influencers:
1) Name
2) Link
3) # of followers
4) Main focus (so travel, camping…)
5) Location
6) Cost of post

We encourage you to add more parameters to this list if you find them relevant. By doing the task some parameters that are not listed might seem important and some that are listed might show to be irrelevant or unrecoverable.

Desired format would be Excel.

In addition to this research please also try and find how much certain influencers might charge for a post so we get a better understanding of costs. For instance, try and find how much 2-3 influencers with a similar number of followers charge for a post. No need to do it for all of them.

Evaluation Criteria:

Will be looking at how relevant data is. As in the case of every task that involves data - structuring the data is very important.

Prizes and Rewards:

In-dept feedback.
Opportunity to have a 1 on 1 to hear about the journey of tentacle
Recommendation on Linkedin from the Founder of tentacle

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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