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Cyclo Technology

Market Research

Description of the task:

Cyclo Technology develops innovations that make sustainable travel simple & safe for everyone. We are currently seeking investment to help bring our launch product - a 'packable' bike/e-bike/e-scooter helmet - to market.
We want to reach out to Angel investors and Venture Capitalists (VC's) interested in backing hardware and/or consumer products.
We would like you to compile a comprehensive list of active investors that we approach (please be aware some may have paused activity due to COVID-19). It is important to identify investors who support early-stage UK-registered businesses looking for seed investment. It is also important to note that we are looking to raise between £300k-£600k.

Requirements and Rules:

We would like the list to be compiled in a Google sheet - we will create and share a link for this when the project starts.

We need email and, where possible, phone contacts for each investor. Ideally these will be for a named individual rather than a generic (company) contact.

You will not be expected to make direct contact with investors, beyond finding out the most relevant person to approach.

Evaluation Criteria:

Skills: We want to work with you if you have really good research skills and a capacity to dig into the dispersed UK investment landscape. Paying attention to detail will be important - we don't want a list that is too broad and includes investors who won't be interested in supporting our kind of innovation/business (we are an early-stage business focused on launching a consumer-facing hardware innovation).

Objectives: To build a comprehensive, methodically laid out list of currently active investors we can approach.

Prizes and Rewards:

We will reward you with a FREE CYCLO:ONE helmet when they are in production (2021).

Beyond this you will get the chance to work with a great team at a small and ambitious start-up.
If all goes well with on this project there may be future opportunities, some of which could be paid.

Deadline Date:

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