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Competitors Analysis


Competitors Analysis

Description of the task:

Tenderly is a champion blockchain, Ethereum based platform that does real-time monitoring, altering, and troubleshooting for Smart Contracts. Using Tenderly vastly speeds up the process of Smart Contract development. To find out more please visit our website (https://tenderly.dev).

We are always looking to understand better the market in which we are operating, hence this project will focus on analysing and understanding current demand for time saving tools among the communities of blockchain developers. Ideally you will do a study on all tools that are used by blockchain developers to enhance their coding performance, you would also do a basic research of what each tool does and which tools are most sought after.

In the next section you will find all project specs needed.

Requirements and Rules:

In this project it is supper important to put yourself in our shoes and try to really think as if you were one of the founders of Tenderly...

We want ot understand:
1. Is there demand for time saving tools among blockchain community
2. If yes:
a) what tools are coders using
b) what do these tools do, what is their name, etc..
c) are coders paying for these tools
d) try to find forums where they discuss about and comment on all these tools
3. if not: (which is unlikely)
a) Figure out why they are not using the tools available
b) is there anything available at all, etc..

Basically what we want you to do is write a brief study about the time saving tools and the demand for those within the blockchain community. Include as many examples and descriptions of tools and what is the coders sentiment around it...

Evaluation Criteria:

Your work should showcase:
a) that you placed your self in our shoes
b) detailed market analysis and competitive landscaping
c) findings presented in a concise, clear and readable way (power point might be best, word is ok too)

Prizes and Rewards:

If you o this task well, expect:
1. Linkedin recommendation from one of the founders
2. 15 min conference call with one of the founders, where you can ask him whatever you want
3. Reference letter for any future employer
4. Personalised feedback
5. Opportunity to be hired on per project basis

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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