Smart plugs market analysis

Market Research


Market Research

Description of the task:

Synaptron is engineering new appliances to control electricity consumption and command electric devices in houses, factories and offices.
For this task we are interested in smart plugs: competition features, pricing and available apps to exploit them at their best.

Requirements and Rules:

All worldwide selling brands must be taken into consideration to gain the most complete landscape of smart plugs market.
All infos must populate a synoptic table showing what features are offered by each brand and, if relevant, smart plug model.
A set of features common to all smart plugs will be on ‘x’ axis of the table while the brand/models will be on the ‘y’ axis. If a model sports one or more unique features they must be reported at the end of the model row.
We need the most complete information to place our products against competition, so show us your best skills!

Evaluation Criteria:

Each smart plug listed will gain 1 point if a minimum of 5 distinct features is shown.
A well refined and crystal clear presentation will gain you a 30 points bonus
A final analysis of discovered trends and upcoming needs will be awarded with a 40 points bonus.

Prizes and Rewards:

The top 5 scores will receive a full feedback about their work.
Every score above 80 points will be in a list of candidates for other similar tasks.
The top performer will be inserted in the permanent list of our freelance marketing specialists.

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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