Music Festival research

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Market Research

Description of the task:

Research and compose a list of music festivals worldwide which meet the following criteria:
1) Have a festival camping site of at least 2,000 capacity
2) At least 10,000 attendants each year
3) Ticket price more than $100

It would be ideal if you are familiar and/or passionate about music festivals.

Requirements and Rules:

There might be some outliers that might not meet all the criteria but should still find their place on the list. How do you detect them? By understanding what kind of people each of the festivals attracts. Meaning – the festival ticket might even be below $100 but the people that attend it are the right target market that have enough money. So we are basically looking for festivals where young people that have money go. As an example Tomorrowland and Coachella would be a great example of the kind of festivals we are looking for. Any “hippie” festival might not be the best example.

Enter the following parameters for each of the festivals:
1) Name of the festival
2) Website link
3) # tickets sold per year
4) # people staying in the camp
5) Type of music
6) Country
7) Attendees nationality (2 or 3 top nationalities)
8) Price of festival ticket
9) Price of camping ticket (if separate)
10) Do they offer premium tickets?
11) Does the festival have their own tents? So can you book a tent so that is waiting for you when you get to the festival?
12) Contact (Try and find as many contacts for each of the festivals. Work Email, Private Email, LinkedIn... Write the person’s connection to the festival.

We encourage you to add more parameters to this list if you find them relevant. Desired format would be Excel.

Evaluation Criteria:

Will be looking at how relevant data is and if the student really put the time to understand each of the festivals. That's the key for having a high quality deliverable. Really understanding the demographics of each festival.

Prizes and Rewards:

In-dept feedback.
Opportunity to have a 1 on 1 to hear about the journey of tentacle
Recommendation on Linkedin from the Founder of tentacle

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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