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Description of the task:

At Blue Mount Media we hate wasted potential so we find out awesome start-ups and existing businesses and give them free value and advice. As part of our efforts to help startups and make them aware of the services available we prepare audits on startups that have raised £1,000,000 and above in the recept months. This gives them some free value to learn about their current marketing and take the actionable insights that we recommend. As a part of this audit, there is also a proposal for our solution that we include before sending it out to them. After completion of this document we also record a 3-minute video using Loom to record the screen and talk the prospect through the audit, we then send this to them.

Requirements and Rules:

A marketing background is ideal and will allow you to enjoy the project and learn about sales, auditing existing marketing, writing a proposal in the digital marketing sphere.
You should be motivated and be willing to learn how we do it and contribute to the work with enthusiasm.
You should also have excellent time-management skills to deliver work as planned and scheduled (the work will be discussed and given at your own pace).

Evaluation Criteria:

We will evaluate the following:
Skill to find a matching prospect.
Excellent writing report/analysis writing skills.
Pitching a proposal.
Bringing your own input and creativity to our processes.

Prizes and Rewards:

We will endorse the individual on LinkedIn for relevant skills existing and learned.
We will create an appreciation campaign over social media platforms with the intern's work and dedication.
We will also note and mention your learning during this project (especially if you come from a non-marketing background).
We will consider hiring an exceptionally performing talent.

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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