Competitors research and analysis based on review sites

Competitors Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Description of the task:

As we need to better understand the landscape we are operating in and identify the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors, we want to conduct research on their customers, based on the most popular review websites.

These will be,,

Requirements and Rules:

The research is purely based on competitor customers' reviews. It does not include functionalities comparison. It is purely to understand what the customers of our competitors are saying about them so we can learn from their mistakes but also the things they are doing right.

You will need to:

* review all comments on the review sites for each competitor
* extract the likes, dislikes, problems they solve, benefits they bring from the comments
* record them in a provided google doc
* Write a summary of the analysis outlining the weaknesses of our competitors so we can focus on bringing them to the market

Each competitor is in a separate tab in a Google Sheet. The link to the document will be provided once the project starts.

Evaluation Criteria:

Skills: We want to work with you if you have really good research skills and a capacity to dig into our competitors' reviews and identify their weak points. Paying attention to detail will be important and the ability to "read between the lines" and extract the information.

Objectives: To build a comprehensive list of the likes, dislikes, problems they solve, benefits they bring, based on their customer reviews and identify areas Callplan can work on to win over their customers.

Prizes and Rewards:

* Great opportunity to work directly with the CEO of Callplan
* Recommendations for your CV
* Future work
* If happy with the work, there is a great chance of this becoming a paid gig for the next assignment

Deadline Date:

Additional Document:


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